Sunday, June 2, 2013


I wasn't crying because I was worried about my uncle or because I worried we'd able to borrow the money or not borrow the money.  I was lying on that floor because I was completely & utterly overwhelmed.  Shawn had left to get some work done and all Zoe wanted to do was lie on the floor & stare at the door.

Shawn says she does the same thing when I leave.  I'd been feeling super guilty because I hadn't been able to play with her as much that week and at a time when I had nothing but time all my dog wanted to do was stare at the front door. 

I rely on that little dog to make me feel better and it usually is a functioning tool.  No matter how annoying my voice gets, or how irritated I seem when I walk through that door the dogs are always so deleriously happy to see me.  It's uncanny how such a small, simple creature can love another with such pure unconditional love.  We humans cannot love this way.  There are always conditions.  Whether you want to beleive it or not doesn't make it any less true.  Name any other creature in the history of creation that will jump up and down with glee just to see you after a long day.

It truly doesn't get any more simpler than that. 

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